Travel Medical Insurance and Foreign Travel Medical Insurance offers Travel Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance and Travel Health Insurance Solutions to Individuals/Companies living and working Overseas, Students Studying Abroad and Overseas Travelers. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest of World Travel Insurance for your expat assignment!!



International Health InsuranceWhile on assignment it is important that an expatriate is prepared for the unexpected, especially as it concerns your health. Expat-Health has thoroughly researched international travel insurance and medical insurance plans and has found that the International Medical Group® (IMG) plan best meets the needs of expatriates of all nationalities for their private health insurance.

What you Need While Overseas

While living overseas there are several features that you should have in your travel insurance and travel medical insurance plan. First, is that you should have a fully comprehensive health insurance coverage. It is no sense having to cut short your assignment due to lack of adequate cover. Expat health insurance is extremely necessary to help cover you and your family from unnecessary risks!

All expatriates should have medical evacuation. As an expatriate, you will probably find yourself traveling more and more to exotic places. If an emergency happens, you will need to get to first rate care quickly.

Expat Health InsuranceFor U.S. and Canadian citizens it is important to have access to medical care in your home country. We have found a plan that offers private health insurance at first-rate medical care facilities in North America.

Direct billing and prompt claims reimbursement is extremely important. Taking a lot of strain out of claims filing is the ability to pay claims directly to the provider.

As an expatriate you need to have the choice of where you want to receive medical care. The plans we feature provide you with complete choice of medical providers.

And finally, if you plan to travel outside of your own country, be careful because most insurance plans stop as you cross the border. Protect yourself and your loved ones from a possible disastrous vacation by applying for temporary travel medical insurance that covers everything from Emergency Evacuation to Lost Luggage. Travel insurance is very inexpensive and can literally be a life saver! Apply for travel insurance online right now with

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